Monday, 23 June 2008


assalamualaikum, hello everyone!. i dont have a specific topic to talk about today, so i will just talk about anything.
first and foremost, beras kat umah da maken sket..and we're not going to buy anymore. sbab kami sume dah mule mencatu makanan, sbab next week da nk g holiday for about two weeks..?kot. but, yeah, thats why da tak beli stock makanan da. cume bertahan dgn biskut, cereal and apples.
next, smlm g quaywest. theme park kat paignton. masuk 10 pound something tp student price, dapat la 4 sumtin. kecik je theme parknyer..cume penat menggelongsor naek mat and tube. ehehe...paling takot naeh slide yg almost 90 degrees tuh. mak aih...takot gile dowh. tapi nk jugak buat at least skali. tiku gayat. so, dpt buat skali pon cukup. uhuhuhu...g tepi pantai, tk anjing maen tangkap2 bola. cute. makan aiskrim, tumpah. cantek pantai die. i found out that seaweed kalu kering mcm plastic. i wonder why. in m pov, kalu die tak mcm plastic, nnt koyakla die kalu owang pijak. subhanallah. hurm, the most important part is naek train balek. ha..mase balek, kat newton abbot, ktrg naek la train ke penzeance (sampai plymouth dulu, br penzeance). skali tgk kat board, die tules train plymouth sampai japg. tiku, hana, fayadh, asno pon lompat turun...tapi mira, zati and nad dah terlock dlm train. sian derang. but pakcik guard tuh ckp dierang akan smpy plymouth jgak. yelah, mmg derang sampai, tapi tiket ade ngan tiku. hurm.. then 4 of us pon naek train yg g str8 to plymouth. makcik tiket pon dtg la check ticket. sekali...rupenyer my purse ade ngan zati. hah. sudah.
"i lost my purse"(buat muke kesian)
"you gotta buy a new one"
isk..seb baek ade duet sket dlm pocket. hana plak tak bwak duet..hahaha.. takpe. tiku byr sbab ade duet lebey. at first i feel terrible, sbab dah cause sume owang in trouble, but then if these things didnt happen, we never learn. hehe. balek umah, penat. lepas mgrib tros tido.
today, bangun dkat kul 11, janji ngan mira nk lepak libry tapi nmpak gaye tak jadi...sbab penat sangat. and its my laundry day. jap g nk g keje plak.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

tenanglah hati...

T: ouch, that hurts!
A: whats up?
T: nah, i was just wondering, why do i experienced love..but i cant have it. its like He let me see the beauty of it, but i cant touch it..
A:are you in love?
T: i was, to be definite.
A: do you regret it?
T: i do sometimes. i was head over heels about this person, few years ago. and i found it hard to get out of that person's shadow. i didnt see a way out.
A: is that your first love?
T: i dont know how to describe it. maybe yes. i guess i am lucky to have very supporting friends to help me get thru that. i was in denial. i cant accpet the fact. then, i met this person, more than a year ago. i love him, i truly love him. but i cant be with him. the last thing i wanna do is to hurt other's feeling. the question is, why do i get the chance to get to know him, quite well i would say, but He take him far from me.
A: i understand how you feels (i am you, remember?). yes, it hurts dear. well, i hope you notice that everytime He breaks your heart, you will feel His love. everytime youre sad, it is Him that you finally turn to. He let you taste love, and take it away from you, to bring you closer to Him.
T: but it's painful!!
A: its not that He doesnt know how heartbroken you are, He make you go through this because He knows you are able to survive it.
T: ='(
A: put a smile on your face, my love. He doesnt promise sunshine everyday. however, you will see rainbow after rain, aite?
T: thanks.

T walks away, thinking about Love. She will not give up, but it is His love that she is after. amin.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

cintamu-dygta ft. ira

Dygta ft Ira - Cintamu - dygta ft ira, whats about this song? this is my all-time favourite. the same goes to luther vandross' your secret love. its just that, i can only share this with one person. but...ah. abaikan.

Monday, 16 June 2008

anum's bulletin

THINK BACK TO 4th and 5th year of highschool.
Let's see how much you remember and how much you regret...

1 Wht section were you?
::section? percussion..pure science, french student
2 Who were your seatmates?
:: 4th form - odah
:: 5th form - emma
3 Still remember your english teacher?
:: 4th form - isk..lupe salbiah kot
:: 5th form - pn salbiah
4 What was your first class?
::4 feminin
5 Who was your first love then?
:: erm...kene jawab ke?
6 Made friends to the lower years?
:: kot, i think yes..aha. YES.
7 Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
:: nope..erm, yes?
8 How was your class schedule?
:: ikot hari la...kalu jumaat abes kul 11.40, isnin abes kul 2.20. ptg ade klas bio, chem, blabla..ikot hari. 5pm prektis band. mlm smayang kat bilek sbab escape surau. g prep malam..tido.
9 Made any enemies?
:: how am i suppose to answer this
10 Who was your favorite teacher?
:: mestila pak zul..isk. pak zul..pak zul..windu la plak.
11 What sport did you play?
:: erm..lari2. laen takde, sbab bz ngan band.
12 Did you buy your lunch?
:: ade la kengkadang. slalu mmg dining hall aje..ngan emma.
13 Were you a party animal?
:: tak la. tiku budak baek.
14 Were you well known in your school?
:: again, how am i suppose to answer this.
:: slalu gile. paling kronik mase f5..ngan aidzeera. pn chong, saye mintak maaf. hehe.
16 Did you get suspended/expelled?
:: erm..utk escape class takde pnah kantoi. mase f1 je kantoi..ini utk f4 and f5 je kan..
17 Can you sing the School song?
:: yup. tgh nyanyi neh.. (kate suh nyanyi...bukan tules)
serikandi tun fatimahh..
18 What was your favorite subject?
:: physic, sbab minat gile ngan pak zul..tapi takde la paham sangat pon. suke tgk muke pak zul aje.
19 What was your school's full name?
:: sekolah tun fatimah
20 Did you go to the dances?
:: erm..masuk mod-dance kire ke?
21 Where did you go most often during breaks?
:: kantin mak aji..berebut nasi lemak ngan ayam. haha.
22 If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
23 What do you remember most about 4th year?
:: erm, budak yg suke no 3 tuh.
24 Worst memory in 4th year?
:: tak masuk sumbangsih sbab g kelantan ngan cyber brigade. rase bsalah ngan derang laen.

psst: i actually tak suke bace buletin. tapi disebabkan ini anum yg post, so i bace jugakla. anum, tgk neh..aku bace sbab ko tau. hehe. mish you!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

malaysian fest

kak syu: korang, besok pakai baju gelap, tudung putih eh?
tiku: ok!


tiku wearing baju kuning and tudung kuneng...

tiku:kak syu, nak angkat meja katne?


what a day...

"korang, kte g jogging kul 630 tau besok.."
"ktrg nk g kul 700..blabla"

alright. so i think 700 will be perfect to bring everyone 'jenjalan'. we started the day by brisk walking to morrison, adela sikit2 jogging. its not that far anymore for me, but i am quite afraid they may feel a bit tired. takpe..slow2. tak larat, kte jalan. everyone manage to make it to morisson tanpa cram kaki..a good sign i guess. :)

"ok, jom, kite naek bas 34, g carboot kat stonehouse"

the first bus arrived. city bus 34. tapi driver die ckp klu nk g stonehouse kne g tunggu at the other side of the road. fine. jom, lintas.
the next bus is due another hour. mak aih....penat la nk tunggu. jom, patah balek, naek first bus. then we waited for the first bus.
erm...i cant recall anymore. ngantok sgt. penat. ill continue mlm kang eh. sorry!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


i am back from watching mary poppins the musical. it was superb. esp the props.. (thats the reason i went to see it anyway). as expected, i got home, turn on my lappy and started to write. i just love to write things down, so i can revisit em. erm, now, lets talk about it. i like the show, and this is my first time watching mary poppins. i knew about it, but i just dont bother to investigate about it. haha. the songs...spoonful of sugar, chim chim cher-ee.. and lots more. i hate the part where valentine comes alive. urgh! i hate it coz its frightening for me. gosh. why do they have to make that scene. abes la kalu malam neh i nightmare..if saddam were here, he wil be the first one to close his eyes. he is afraid of clown, so do i. the part in corry's shop was fantastic, they made my heart beat faster. and yeah, i like the orchestra..they were great. i tried not to buy the tshirt but i cant help it coz its blue. hurm..lucky me to go to watch this theatre. for i am content...i shall stop now and get ready for tomorrow. till then, chiow!


huh..saye tengah sedey neh..sbab nk g stonehenge nk tgk solstice, tapi tak dapat sbab lambat. nk amek hotel pon harge da sbab i geram...i print out 2008 and 2009 calendar, atlas.. and i am going to plan for my time here. i want to tackle as much as i can, which means i need to plan my time here carefully. huh. getting upset makes me determine to get the most out of it. jage la europe..i will tackle you...hahahahaha.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


few times she asked me, "dilah, bila nak tules pasal kakmam?" i normally reply that i will, one day. so, today is the day. first and foremost, i need to apologize coz this wont be precise coz i am very sleepy and tired now but i feel like writing a bit about her.
she is two years older than me, and we got close since i entered boarding school. i remember she got excited when i came back from jb. the first night would filled up with chatting sampai ttdo. she would biseng2 when its time for me to balek skola balek. i dunno why.
i would say she is a strong-willed person. g umah tok, bawak buku tebal2. dahla tebal, there's signs that she visited the page more than once. (which i would seldom do). as time goes, i started to open up to her, meaning really share things. its hard for me to do so coz i grew up among friends. i spent my adolescence among kengkawan kat jb. so i am not use to share feelings with family. however, as i am far from home now...she is the one i turn to when i need someone to talk to. sometimes i just call her to have a small chat, which we will talk nonsense. i believe i favourite topic is about our nephews. maman buat itu, iim nyanyi..and stuff. i admit that i CANNOT imagine my life without her. she is my accountant, she is my pa, she is my fashion designer, she is my counselor, she is my everything.
to be continued...

Monday, 9 June 2008

dear abah

Dearest abah,

i called you smlm, i mean today. it ripped my heart to hear your voice so weak. da 2 minggu ye dmam. kakmam ckp abah tak selera makan..and that worries me. i tried not to show it, but as fragile as i am, i am worry about you every minute. so i sent you a card tadi, a father's day card and a letter. i tried not to cry, but i failed. again. i am fragile. isk. lame lagi ke nak balek. i wish its dec 2009 now. saye sentiase doakan abah semoge cepat sembuh. here's my fav picture...i take this as a reminder from Allah, to keep me close to Him. semoge saye menjadi anak yang solehah, and kenang jasa ibu bapanya.
to mak, i am grateful to have such adorable mom. i adore you every quality, and i wish somehow i can be like you. gosh, i cannot continue to write, or else my eyes will be watery again. dont wanna go to work like that. nanti hasnul gelak.
love you abah and mak.


Sunday, 1 June 2008

i wish i could elaborate on how i feel now. tapi susahla. cant find the right words to write it down. so kirenye lebih kurang macam nilah...

there are times when i am so in need, and i dont have anyone to turn to
and at that time, i almost give up. i wish i could have a lover to whine to,
i wish i could have a best friend to talk things over..and i ended up crying alone.

but then, thinking of things..i know i always have someone to talk to.
every second..i am in need, i can always turn to Him. and He never fails to
listen. each day, i found the answers to my questions all these years.
i found the answefr to my 'state of miserableness' (oops, is there such word?)
i know why He did it that way.

Allah didnt promise to give you sunshine everyday
but there will be a rainbow after the rain.
(oh, dimanekah aku dpat mende alah neh)

oleh itu secare kesimpulannyer..i believe in Him, so i believe in myself. and i also believe in there's a reason for everything.

isk. tak sabar nk g Birm..nk amek Quran translation wit kak mok. yeeha!