Thursday, 1 May 2014

sampai bila mahu begini?

Assalamualaikum dear readers, 

This is the second post for this year. The first one was just a try out, since i forgot how to blog. I was trapped in my own thoughts at times but i guess blogging is one way to clear the air. And at least i map my thoughts in words and get the chance to analyze these issues deeper at a later time. 

This particular picture finds its way into the deepest part of m heart, the way an old memories seep into your mind. 

Massacre in Burma, taken from Sarah Yusof's FB page. Thanks Sarah.

Thousands of us Muslims are killed, all over the world. There are times we do not even have the power to shed the tears for those killed. It is becoming common and almost not shocking anymore to hear the news of the killings. This picture transports me back to Tak Bai and Ambon, to Bosnia and Albania, to the most recent read (by me) - the martyrs in Mesir and now this. These events are the ones that we know of. I am sure there are many more behind the media. 
Just like you, I too, cant bear to look at this. It breaks me down but i believe that I have the duty to at least think about how could this happen to us? I mean, how could this be? Are we that pathetic and weak until we allow ourselves to be the jokes of others? Dont answer this questions. Let them resonate in your mind and heart. 

There are sleepless nights thinking about the fate of the Muslim all over the world. We are strong in numbers, but not in qualities. Some are still enshrouded in the beauty of life, some are too drunk with the luxury the world has to offer, and that includes me of course. We are still weak at the nucleus - the heart. Our hearts does not beat the divine words from Allah because we do not take heed of the revelation in the Quran. because we are SO DAMN STINGY TO SPEND OUR TIME PONDERING UPON THOSE DIVINE WORDS. How could we, the ones that already know that Islam is the way of life, deviate from the guidance? 

Let us try and do the best that we can to let the Quran be the beat of our heart. We are the commoners. We are the person so minute to the world, but we are powerful to ourselves. We cant control the cruelty around us, but we can and should stop ourselves from killing our hearts and conscience. Come, take m hand. Lets do this. Be better. Be better. If you dont know how, pray that Allah show you the way. 

Forgive me if my words are not kind in any way. Wallahualam. 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

whoa! feels good to be back!

Salam and hi everybody in the world. I am here to announce that I am back to blogging. Someone helped me to re-live this passion. Plus, there are so so many things that I want to babble about. So many, trust me. Its almost one. Just wanna say hi! gosh i cant wait to blog but i have a long day tomorrow.