Sunday, 23 March 2008

zaman dulu-dulu

dok umah maktok, slalu ikot maktok
p kedai makcik azizah
bleh ble biskut jagung salut choc
satu sekupang

sanggop ponteng nk g ngaji ngan ciklah
sbab nak tgk flashman
minat sangat ngan bun, sbab die kaler biru

lpas ngaji, p ronda2 ngan ninie
dok tepi bendang, tgk cik lang

kul 5 ptg, wajib kuar maen kat padang
klu lagi awal lagi bagos
mak, mak teh ngan makcik midah
sembang2 bawah pokok pelam depan umah
aku maen zeropoint or tuju kasut
ngan eizzah, farhana, farhani, diana,
farhani blakang umah, nabila, lydia.

time uti, kne komplot. sbab nk dapat team kuat
takleh join geng kakmam maen
sbab depa dah besaq

dengaq ja azan magrib, lari masuk umah
tapi lari lagi laju kalu dgq opening theme song


Saturday, 22 March 2008

Sense of Self-Worth
Your results indicate that your sense of self-worth is very healthy. You rarely, if ever, put yourself down or fall victim to self-depreciating statements. There are certain attitudes and beliefs that have been found to contribute to and "feed" a positive self-image, and you appear to have most of them. Examples would be believing that you deserve to be loved or respected, believing that you’re good enough for someone, and focusing on your good qualities rather than only your perceived faults. While you may not necessarily feel all of these things all of the time, your opinion of yourself is quite positive. This is a healthy attitude to have, as a poor sense of self-worth can hold you back from pursuing your goals, cause you unnecessary stress, and even become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Ganjaran dan Pahala SOLAT

Rasullullah S.A.W bersabda: "Jagalah waktu-waktu sembahyang terutama sembahyang yang pertengahan, sembahyang Zuhur, pada saat itu nyalanya neraka Jahanam, orang mukimin yang mengerjakan sembahyang pada ketika itu akan diharamkan ke atasnya wap api neraka Jahanam pada hari Kiamat."

Sabda Rasullullah S.A.W. lagi:"Manakala sembahyang Asar, adalah saat dimana Nabi Adam A.S. memakan buah Khuldi. Orang mukmin yang mengerjakan sembahyang Asar akan diampunkan dosanya seperti bayi yang baru lahir."

Setelah itu Rasullullah S.A.W. membaca ayat yang bermaksud: "Jagalah waktu-waktu sembahyang terutama sekali sembahyang yang pertengahan., sembahyang Maghrib itu adalah saat di mana taubat Nabi Adam A.S. diterima. Seorang mukimin yang ikhlas mengerjakan sembahyang Maghrib kemudian meminta sesuatu dari Allah maka Allah akan perkenankan.

Sabda Rasullullah S.A.W.:"Sembahyang Isya' (atamah). Katakan kubur itu adalah sangat gelap dan begitu juga pada hari Kiamat, maka seorang mukmin yang berjalan dalam malam yang gelap untuk pergi menunaikan sembahyang Isya' berjamaah, Allah S.W.T. haramkan dari terkena nyalanya api neraka dan diberinya cahaya untuk menyeberangi titi sirath.

Sabda Rasullullah S.A.W. seterusnya: "Sembahyang Subuh pula, seorang mukmin yang mengerjakan sembahyang subuh selama 40 hari secara berjamaah, diberi oleh Allah S.W.T. dua kebebasan iaitu:
1. Dibebaskan dari api neraka
2. Dibebaskan dari nifaq. (munafik)

Friday, 21 March 2008

isk. homesick!

saket gigi..nak g jumpe dr wan harzita. klu kat penang, g klinik gigi, mak ade. kat sini.. g klinik gigi...huhu. dr die dah ah orang greek, english versi greek. haiyak. dah ah saket gg, kne strain tlinge dgr die ckp plak. mam faz is here for the weekend. i thank her for coming here. ms nak balek umah td, i hug her. dpt rase mother's love. huwa.... nak balek!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008


i miss the day we would jalan g pasar malam
i miss makan charkoeyteow
i miss nak gaduh2 dlm keta cikyan
miss nak jalan2 naek wng123

i miss slumber party
i miss dinner at scud
i miss g jalan2 anywhere together
miss g um, konon2 nak derma darah..tapi sbnanyer nak tcabut lutut

i miss the day the four of us kat kagum
i miss gaduh2 dlm bilik
i miss nak g surau skali, even least pernah
miss borak2 dlm bilek

i miss borak kat bawah blok, nampak anne..nanges
i miss bukak puase skalik
i miss makan food mak tasha bawak, smpy abes nasik 2stengah pot..tiku n tasha je
miss makan rusky straight 2 bungkus

i miss tgk melodi
i miss tgk tom2bak before melody
i miss pegi audi skali
miss my police handfon

i miss dj era
i miss the day u listen to me pluckin guitar, ntah bunyik ape ah yg kuar
i miss the day u come and support me maen drum mase kat um
miss you

i cant continue.the list is endless, and i end up crying

Saturday, 15 March 2008

tidak sempurna

some of the time, "isk, rapuhnyer hati" caught me to think. at one particular moment, kte penuh dengan penyesalan, rase bersalah yang teramat sampai menanges. rase cam, hina sangat sbab banyak dosa. and then few minutes after that, suddenly we realize yang barang2 kat ebay tuh sangat menarik sampai cam rugi gile ah klu tak beli. mane pegi keinsafan yang baru je tadi wujud? i keep on thinkin about this, because this apply to every human. i am glad, in this loneliness of being away from home, i have been given the opportunity to get to know interesting people yang slalu mencetuskan dorongan untuk berfikir dan mencari jawapan kepada setiap "kenape" yang appear. glad for the different views that i got here. at least some of it knock on my pintu hati dari mmg tak penah bother at all.
mcm semalam, mase video pasal "tak bai" tragedy. mengalir air mate. balek aje bilek, tros bukak tvshack. hurm. ttbe segala ketakutan tuh hilang. tros nampak harte dunie. uthmaniyah, abbasiyah.. ttbe lenyap. timeline sume tinggal salen kat atas kertas je. (isk, klu line bace neh, mesti die cakap "aku dah kata, hang slalu hangat2 taik ayam". hihi.

and then i remember, bukan ke kite neh manusia yg fitrahnyer slalu lupe? yang mmg perlu diingatkan sentiase?

Friday, 14 March 2008

diorang neh..

-weh, salmon neh kte nak masak ape?
-tiku da carikan resepi slmon bakar tadi
(owang turun tangge)
-neh, buat salmon ngan butter n lemon
-hah, okla tuh, satu pedas sket, satu masam sket, bleh ah tiku tu makan

ps: camne aku tak sayang korang?

free stress test

ah, bosan. takde mende nak beli. klu tgk pon, nnt dr tak beli jd terbeli.
look outside.

"free stress test"
wah, mcm best je. nk tgk jap ah.

pakcik minister bagi pegang mcm due silinder besi,
and die tanyer soklan. die suh pk
pasal important people of my life.
im thinkin of mak, abah, and budak tuh.
so, that level of stress fall in "stress yang tanak dipikirkan"
pastuh, die suh pk pasal one important thing in my life skarang.
studies and assignment. yeah, meter stress naek.
haha, mmg otak tgh mlayang pk asignment pon mase jalan td.

i wanna show you a surprise. die bacekan a booklet tajuk
"technology of study"
he read me the introduction page.
i got it. look for people who are misrable, and then introduce
them with scientology.
"do you have a religion?"
"yes, im a muslim," picking up things.
"im sorry, ive got to go, my friends are waiting for me.
thanks for the test. have a great day!"
smile and walk away~

Monday, 10 March 2008

angin kuat.

its 1329, and i have class at 1400. sorry if this is not in detail, coz i need to rush. im writing this while having mu lunch. not lunch, just milk, cereals and apple. is that what u call lunch? hehe.
so, i went outta the class to print the cri docs at ivillage. and the wind almost blew me off. kuat gle angin. since smalam i can hear the wind howling. scary la jgak tym nak tdo coz i think im the last person smalm. this morning, m the first person to wake up (i think). and i am the first one kuar umah. omg. this is the first tym i experience this kinda wind. kuat sunggoh. patotla the the british ppl talks about weather. mmg every morning, i wake up, i will read the weather forecast dlu.urm, sbnanyer there shud b storm smlm, but it didnt. die br start tgh malam td. storm ke? bukan storm kot..just angin kuat. gtg. bubye! love u.

ps: ble angin kuat, and it almost blew me, that means, aku still kurus. haha! yezza!!

Friday, 7 March 2008


i am talking about.. his songs. yelah, sape lagi..imran ajmain lah.. imran hakimi blom bleh jd penyanyi rakaman lg. hurm,, this tym, i didnt share songs with anyone. i wanna let it be my fav. i dont want to share interest. i found his songs sbab lately i have been listening to lagu2 baru, coz im sick of my old songs. bosan dah. (but theyre still in m heart anyway..i just cant listen to them). so everyday, ill bukak imeem, and cari lg2 from m fav artist like keith urban or anuar zain, and i will listen to lagu2 yg i havent heard. that where i found my new list. owaite. im off to bed now. jap g nak g prektis zapin. wahahaha. cant wait. tata~
ps: dengar imran hakimi nyanyi pon best jgak..tapi die nyanyi lg ultraman 3, 3 malam tanpa bintang..erm.. itu je yg aku pnah dgr stakat neh.
" im, if u ade nak nyanyi lagu baru, nyanyi kat mama, alrite?"
love you!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

klasik nasional

ceh..tak pepasal kan tajuk post neh. nah, im watching youtube's video:anis salwa singing teratai in klasik nasional. its not about the song or singer. its about me and mak. mase tgk this show, mak and i watched it together. and i love spending tym with her, and listening to this, make me feel close to mak. rase macam..tgh nonton ngan mak. each tym we listen to a song, we will automatically recall our emotion at that tym. same goes to me listening ve's and dygta, and buble, and marching songs. got it? (wink!) take care~

ps: isk, ttbe rase bertuah jd malaysian, kaye nyer budaye..

Monday, 3 March 2008

salji dah turun...

1551,3rd march 2008
steve's class.
"write down the 6 key conditions...." . then someone in the class.. "is that snow?"
everyone started looking out the window. the day's quite dark. and its freezing cold in the class..though tingkap bukak sket je. and i looked. nope. its just hail shower. hurm..hail shower will be followed with snow. hurm. lovely. no one can concentrate on the discussion now. we're too bz counting the tiny spots. :) "alrite, lets go out and experience the snow." steve knew that we wouldnt be able to focus again.steve let us go early. thanks steve. so there we went, after him.we throw snowballs to our buddies. it doesnt matter whether we have the coats on or not. we just want to feel it, stand in the coldness, let it cover our apparel. let it melt on us. let it be. subhanallah. it's beautiful. its wonderful. i thank god, for letting me witness this. if only i could have my family beside me. there i stood, feeling each member of my family in my nerves, giving them a chance to feel it too. i rushed back, called abah. i shared the moment with him. my housemates went out, amek gambar. but i didnt follow. i dont care if i dont portrait myself in the snow. for i was on the phone with abah. i watched the snow as i talked to abah. i shared my precious moment with him. outside, the hockey field turned into ice ring. i went for a walk outside, when the snow nearly gone. they melted. i walked around MARJON. capturing daffodils for mak.

i was looking at the rain drops..then i realized that the droplets became flew.. i looked up, the flakes fell on my face. its snowing again. subhanallah. yezza! salji dah turun. i stepped out, let the snow fell on me. few minutes, its over. and i smile,shivering..for my sweater, socks basah.hehe. sejok. dah, lets go heater.

therefore, it is a 'snow day', its the day i shared with mak and abah.

ps: talked to locals td, found out that it is very rare to have snow in plymouth. guess im lucky then.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

fight yourself

i have been thinking about meng's shout out : "when ur fight is yourself" or something like that. what does she mean by that? this is my version, in response to that.

1. why do i let my room messy..
i used to keep my room spick and span, or at least i know that i am capable of doing that. i am not someone who does it naturally. i train myself for this. i know abah, and bangmet, ilani, izzati, hana.. who have magic finger. everything they touches become neat. esp abah. he just..hmph. i just admired the way abah lipat kain. i know i have plenty of time here, tp i malas. itu masalahnye.

2. who do i keep on putting articles aside..
TEYL handouts, EST handouts. plus 'Tis by Frank McCourt. i know i suppose to be reading articles for they will be discussed in class. tp i malas. itu masalahnye. i realize that i dont like multi tasking. i agree with one article that i read before, that multitasking do not produce good quality works. however, there's exceptional cases like, it's alrite to listen to music when ure doing laundry. that keeps u going. i like to read quietly. i will turn off music, and tie up my hair, to get the mood. tapi kenape i tak buat?

hurm..thats is the problem. i got plenty of time, but i dont use it beneficially. i waste it. ebay lah.. ym lah.. fwenster ah. isk. awatif!!